FAQ - Answers


FAQ - Answers

Any Questions?


Basically, your standard health insurance is valid for any possible illness and injury incurring during your stay. Check with your insurance for procedures in case of an injury in Italy or en-route.

The institute does not offer any insurance.

Cancellation. I got ill shortly prior to the course - do you refund course fees?


No. Like any other travel operator the institute charges cancellation fees as regulated in our general terms and conditions. For the case of a possible illness or other unforeseen circumstance prior to your travel we recommend the signing of a precautionary travel cancellation insurance that will bear the expenses of the cancellation.


At TravelSecure you can sign a travel cancelation insurance online. Please note the respective insurance conditions.  

Arrival day - departure day?

The dates of the courses include arrival and departure day. The first mentioned date of each course data is the arrival day: on this day the program starts with a welcome of all participants at about 6 pm. Thus we recommend that you arrive at the field station by 6 pm at the latest. The last mentioned date is the departure day. On this day the program ends in the morning with checking out of the apartments.

Do we have spare time? How is the schedule?

The typical course day is divided into two parts: during one half of the day the diver training participants do the practical part in the water while participating SCUBA divers accomplish a guided dive. The practical program takes about 3 hours. During the other half of the day both groups assemble in the class room to attend the biological course, studying organisms with microscopes and literature for about 2.5 to 3.5 hours and listening to a talk by the course director. Only the course Methods of Underwater Research can differ from this scheme due to its more project-orientated structure. During the first five days the students of the diving class have to attend a 1 to 1.5 hours dive theory talk in the evening.

For the whole time of the course there is one planned day off, usually taking place during the last third of your stay. In the event of bad weather conditions it could be moved up.

€ - transfer from outside Europe/Non-Euro zone?

For payment from outside Europe/Non-Euro zone we strongly recommend a Sepa - transfer (with IBAN and BIC) with expenses at the responsibility of the sender. Deducted bank expenses are charged subsequently by the institute.

What kind of diver's license do I get? Does it allow to dive worldwide?

Yes. The simultaneously offered integrated SCUBA diving course (except the course Methods of Underwater Research) certifies with a *Bronze brevet of the international SCUBA diver organization CEDIP. or of the World Underwater Federation CMAS.

With this license you can dive at any dive centre worldwide and rent SCUBA equipment.

Is the rented SCUBA equipment included in the course fees?

Yes, completely. You can bring and use your own equipment, however this will not give you any price reduction.

How are we located? Are there double bedrooms? Full board?

No. Our accommodations are simple multi-bed apartments with 3 to 6 places per room and 4 to 12 places per apartment. They all provide a fully equipped kitchen. Meals are not included, there is self-catering. Usually the participants constitute cooking and shopping groups, all to be organized easily on-site.

If you wish higher-level accomodations you can book your own hotel room in the village. The accommodation part of the course fees are omitted while the course part itself raises a little bit. You can book here directly (walking distance in minutes):

Hotel Alma *** (5 minutes)

Hotel Galli *** (7 minutes)

Hotel Montemerlo *** (10 minutes)

Hotel Scirocco *** (7 minutes)

Hotel Anna *** (10 minutes)

Travel expenses?

The offers of different railways and airlines differ so much that, depending on seasonal and other variations, no statement can be made to a mean price of the travel. Further informations are given at our how-to-arrive site.

Where do I get my medical qualification for subaquatic sports (dive medical)?

Basically, any regular physician should know which examinations are required, be it an internist, general practitioner or a sports physician. Certificates with a medical specialists limitation are not accepted. Especially certificates with the accessory "...from a ENT doctoral point of view..." thus not giving an unrestricted qualification are not accepted.

You can download a form as draft for the respective doctor as PDF file (11 kB) here.

There are guidelines for the medical examination by the Gesellschaft für Tauch- und Überdruckmedizin (GTÜM) with a list of qualified physicians at home (for Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, The Netherlands - site in German only). We strongly recommend an examination to be conducted according to the guidelines of the GTÜM or any other experienced experts.

Still questions?

Please feel free to write an e-mail (ifmhydra-institute.com) or call our office in Munich (+49 89 130 60 131). We are at your disposal at any time! German, English, Italian and passable French is spoken.