Biosand Workshop 2010


Biosand Workshop 2010




Please download here the preliminary short report (in German).


List of  participants:


Since the early expression of interest and its confirmation quite a lot has changed. Life in all its facettes is the reason. Some had to manage a complete restructuring of their institute, some had to struggle with administration, some had severe health problems and others were happily waiting to see their new child born. The following list is impressive and the personalities behind it made the BIOSAND 2010 ELBA workshop an interesting platform of new ideas, change of knowledge and fun!

See the side bar for reports of some of the participants.


Nicole Dubilier (MPI Bremen)

     "How little we know, how much to discover: Frank Sinatra and gutless oligochaete symbioses“

Olav Giere (Uni Hamburg)

     "A long and winding road - From annelid worms at northern shores to meiofauna in calcareous sands“

Stefan Häusler (MPI Bremen, HYDRA)

     "Oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis in a biofilm“

Mona Hoppenrath (DZMB, Wilhelmshaven)

     "Marine sand-dwelling dinoflagellates - biodiversity data and many open questions“

Manuel Kleiner (MPI Bremen)

     "Metagenomics and Metaproteomics of Olavius algarvensis: What the -omics approaches can do
and what they can't do“

Hanna Kuhfuß (Uni Freiburg)

     "Microbial consortia in a shallow-water methane seep“

Marcel MM Kuypers (MPI Bremen)

      "The impact of permeable sediments on the oceanic N-cycle“

Christian Lott (HYDRA, MPI Bremen)

     "Habitat and ecophysiology of the symbiosis between a gutless worm and its microbial community“

Hannah Marchant (MPI Bremen)

     "The effects of ocean acidification on nitrogen cycling in permeable coastal sediments“

Stella Nemecky (NIOO, Netherlands)

     "Benthic primary production and mineralisation in carbonate and silicate sands of Elba and Pianosa“

Jörg Ott (Uni Wien) 

     "Worms with a kitchen garden: How to grow vegetables without weeds“


     "A taxi for symbionts: Flatworms and thiotrophic bacteria“

Stephan Pfannschmidt (HYDRA)

Giovanni Santangelo, (Uni Pisa)

     "Protista (Ciliates and Thraustochytrids) distribution in Mediterranean sandy shores“

Gregor Schulte (Uni Tübingen)

     "On fluorescence in fish“

Lukas Schärer (Uni Basel)

     "Sexual selection and sexual conflict in the meiobenthic flatworm genus Macrostomum

Matthias Schneider (HYDRA, Senckenberg Frankfurt)

Boris Unger (HYDRA)

Dita Vizoso (Uni Basel)

     "Sexual selection and sexual conflict in the meiobenthic flatworm genus Macrostomum“ presented by Lukas Schärer

Miriam Weber (HYDRA, MPI Bremen) 

     "Microbial activity affecting invertebrates“

Cécilia Wentrup (MPI Bremen)

Andrea Werner (HYDRA)

     "Meiofauna in carbonate and silicate sands of Elba and Pianosa“

Johanna Wiedling (Uni Greifswald)

     "Biogeochemical investigations on a shallow-water methane seep“

Christian Wild (formerly GeoBioCenter,  LMU München, now ZMT Bremen)

     "Comparative investigations on microbial activity and diversity in carbonate and silicate reef sands of the Northern Red Sea“