Team Elba


Team Elba

The HYDRA Elba Core Team in 2016


Boris Unger

Boris is a biologist, cofounder of the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences, dive instructor and underwater photographer. Boris dives in the sea and in lakes and rivers for his scientific assignments. He is also the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) operator. He particularly enjoys the challenge of finding easy and practical solutions for difficult under water applications. He is leading our course "Methods of Underwater Research".

Christian Lott

Christian is a biologist, cofounder of the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences, dive instructor and underwater documentary filmmaker. He dives in all kinds of waters for his filming and research expeditions, using SCUBA, rebreather, and trimix techniques. Christian is doing his doctorate on symbiosis at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, Germany. More...

Stephan Pfannschmidt

Stephan is a biologist, cofounder of the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences, SCUBA trainer, underwater photographer, and has profound expertise of the Mediterranean Sea. Stephan is coauthor of the 2001 standard textbook "Das Mittelmeer". Besides his teaching he is also head of administration.

Dr. Miriam Weber

Miriam is a marine biologist with a PhD from the University of Bremen, dive instructor and underwater photographer. She has taken part in expeditions to Antarctica, the tropics, the Mediterranean, and to mountain lakes. She coordinates the research activities at the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences. Miriam uses technical diving for extending the range of her research and media work. She says: “The combination of diving, science, teaching and media work is the ideal tool for accomplishing good environmental education”. ... more

Dorothée Makarow

Doro did her diplom thesis at the IfM Geomar in Kiel at the Dept. of Marine Geobiology about mud volcanoes. Moreover she has been gathering experience with expeditions on research vessels, in media work and in wildlife ecology. Her engagement in event management and exhibition construction sharpened her technical-organisational knowledge. Now Doro is involved in the planning and realisation of our projects on degradation of plastic materials in the marine environment.

Johanna Wiedling

Johanna studied Environmental Sciences in Greifswald and did her Master in Aquatic Tropical Ecology at the Uni Bremen with the ISATEC Programme at the Center for Marine Tropical Ecology. She did research in the Mediterranean Sea on shallow-water submarine gas seeps, and in Vietnam on the ecology of echinoderm larvae. In addition Johanna has been member of the organisation team for the very successful young scientists conference series YOUMARES. Johanna is managing the research dive center and is continuing her scuba instructor training.

Rahel Thommen

Rahel topped up her M.Sc. in Ecology & Evolution with the teaching diploma for Higher Education in Switzerland. With this she is the perfect match as a lecturer for our high school classes. Here she is supervising the study of marine organisms and guiding the snorkelling activities in our bay. Rahel is also guide and organiser of winter sports camps and likes to spend her free time in the Swiss mountains, ... when she is not under water.