Symbiomics Workshop 2012


Symbiomics Workshop 2012




In May 2012 HYDRA hosted an international workshop in the framework of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) "SYMBIOMICS - Molecular Ecology and Evolution of Bacterial Symbionts" on the invitation of project coordinator Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubiler from the Max-Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology (Bremen/Germany). The concept of the workshop was to bring together specialists in the field of marine symbioses and related topics as marine biogeochemistry, meiobenthology, invertebrate ecology, modeling, and shallow-water in-situ research with students of the ITN in a field trip atmosphere. The transfer of knowledge amongst all participants was especially favored through group projects on various topics. Each of the senior scientists had prepared a teaching unit about their special field and a proposal for experiments during the workshop. The student participants formed work groups and followed one or two of the projects, always also being in contact with the other projects running at the same time. A large part of the workshop consisted in in-situ observations and sampling while snorkelling or SCUBA diving, the processing of samples in the laboratories and the setup of experiments with an explorative and rather playful approach. As the number of teaching faculty equaled the number of students the coaching was very intense and both students and faculty agreed that the progress and outcome of the single projects was astonishing for the short time given. Another aspect of the workshop was that senior scientists could explore new fields together with their colleagues with the participation of the students. Every evening there was a meeting on the HYDRA terrace where there was a brief update on the ongoing experiments and round-table discussions on selected questions of marine symbiosis research.

More information about the Marie Curie Initial Training Network "SYMBIOMICS - Molecular Ecology and Evolution of Bacterial Symbionts" you find here.




(back) Dirk de Beer (MPI Bremen), Adrien Assié (MPI Bremen), Sten König (UPM Guadeloupe), Julia Klose (Uni Vienna), Mario Schimak (Uni Vienna), Jessika Füssel (MPI Bremen), Kamil Szafranski (UPM Paris), Niko Leisch (Uni Vienna), Lubos Polerecky (MPI Bremen), 

(middle) Boris Unger (HYDRA), Andi Eich (HYDRA/Uni Bremen), Olav Giere (Uni Hamburg), Miriam Weber (HYDRA), Nicole Dubilier (MPI Bremen), Juliane Wippler (MPI Bremen), Alejandro Manzano Marin (Uni Valencia), Chuck Fisher (Penn State Uni), Judith Zimmermann (MPI Bremen), Flavia Viana (Uni Aarhus), Ruby Priyadarshini Ponnudarai (Uni Greifswald), Stefan Heiden (Uni Greifswald), Ulrike Pfreundt (HYDRA/Uni Freiburg), Harald Gruber-Vodicka (MPI Bremen), Christoph Schmidt (HYDRA/Uni Potsdam), Cécilia Wentrup (MPI Bremen), Jörg Ott (Uni Vienna), Dan Distel (Ocean Genome Legacy), Frank Stewart (Georgia Tech), Ulrike Minzlaff (HYDRA/Uni Potsdam),

(front) Andrea Werner (HYDRA), Hanna Kuhfuß (HYDRA/Uni Freiburg), Rachel Foster (MPI Bremen), Matthias Schneider (HYDRA), Manuel Kleiner (MPI Bremen), Christian Lott (HYDRA). Missing: Stephan Pfannschmidt (HYDRA).




some impressions (photos thanks to Andrea, Andi, Matze, Hanna) ....

Blue sky, crystal clear water and a buffet full of local italian specialities welcome the guests at the HYDRA Field Station.

Stephan is giving a snorkeling introduction while others already are hunting for symbiotic animals.

Dan with his first catch of driftwood and Andrea after a checkout dive with Alejandro, Mario and Sten.

Ruby and Adrien are carefully decanting suspended sediment to retrieve the delicate worms Harald is sorting out

Chuck, Julia, Manuel and Flavia have to process a lot of sediment to collect enough organisms for their planned experiments.

While Dan is chopping wood in search of shipworms lucinid clams are beeing processed for experiments with their symbiotic bacteria.

Olav and Jörg give practical tipps for making fine glass tools. Lubos introduces planar optode measurements.

Jessika is explaining the membrane-inlet mass spectrometer. Dirk gives an introduction about the use of microsensors.

Frank is checking the experimental setup in the lab as Miriam and Nicole plan the details for the next day's program on the terrace.

Christoph alias Texas, Uli, Hanna and Andi doing background work, attend part of the program and have fun!

Talking science: Chuck, Manuel and Cécilia during coffee break, and Dirk, Nicole and Lubos on the terrace before sunset.

Poster session: Adrien is explaining his PhD research to Chuck, Ruby and Nicole in discussion.

Jörg and Christian adjust the new high-definition presentation system. Julia seems skeptical about the tissue homogenate.

Kamil is setting up a sediment core experiment at the microsensor station. Adrien and Cécilia selecting gutless oligochaetes.

Flavia...                                                                                                              and Juliane concentrating.

Jessika and Rachel sorting diver samples. Ruby, Dan, Dirk and Stefan curiously watching the oxygen profile through a shipworm.

Evening sessions on the terrace closed the daily program with an update of the different working groups and discussions about hot topics of symbiosis research.